Saturday, November 18, 2006

looking in the wrong places; family shunning=love?

Tonight I was feeling blah, as I have been for many days, weeks... I prayed to my Father, or so I hope. After the prayer I opened up my bible somewhat randomly in the New Testament. It was John. So the first chapter on the page was chapter 6. I thought I'd start there. But before I even began to read I decided that I didn't want to read that. I felt like reading up a ways higher. My eyes went to John 5:39. Do you know what it says? "You are searching the Scriptures, because YOU think that by means of them YOU will have everlasting life; and these are the very ones that bear witness about me. 40 And yet YOU do not want to come to me that you may have life." Ugh.

Thursday at Mina's school in P.E. the teacher had the class play dodge ball for the first time. If you know me you'd know that I'm strictly opposed to dodge ball. Schools teach the children to not hit other kids, to be respectful to others, and not to be violent. Tell me, where does dodge ball fit in here? I hate it. I have many times thought of rallying against it in some way. Not really a rally, but a letter or a talk with the principal and superintendent. I guess Mina had told a couple friends that she can't play dodge ball. So her friends told the P.E. teacher that Mina can't play. Her teacher asked Mina if it was because of her glasses(she got glasses last Friday). Mina said no, it's because the game is violent. HAHAHA. Go Mina!!! So the teacher let her sit out. Now I have to talk to the teacher to make sure she won't give Mina a lesser grade because she doesn't play that. I'd hate to have to prove them wrong. No, I wouldn't.

Also, today Mina had a substitute teacher. Mina's 9th birthday was today, and contrary to popular belief just because I don't go to the kingdom hall anymore, doesn't mean we've begun to celebrate birthdays. Well this teacher comes up to Mina and starts asking her bunches of questions about her faith. Like what church does she go to, what religion, who is the priest, and "so you don't celebrate your own birthday?" There were more I think but Mina can't remember them all. I like that it gave Mina a chance to stand up for truth, but I don't like that a teacher is asking a 9 year old "religious" questions, and I have no way of knowing her intentions in doing this. Like I said, she's a sub. Mina answered her, but didn't want to. She said she goes to church at home, and that her dad is the priest, which is weird but that's how it seems to her since he takes the lead. That was awkward. I don't think of Tony as a priest and I don't think he does either.

Mina and I planned to go see Happy Feet tonight. My mom called me and asked if we had plans. I said yes. She said she was thinking of seeing a movie also. I thought maybe she wanted to go with us. So I let her know that Tony wasn't coming, it was just Mina and I. She said that she wanted to do something with Mina but since we were busy that she wouldn't. She hurried off the phone. Well, I got concerned that maybe she wanted to come with us but thought she would be intruding since I told her Mina just wanted to go with me. So I called back. I told her I didn't want there to be any misunderstanding and again that Tony wasn't coming, just in case she wanted to join us. She quickly replied no, she wanted to do something with her and Mina, "just us girls" she said, but since Mina and I had plans, that that was fine, she'd do it another time. Again, she let me go quickly. Now, Mina was getting used to the idea of my mom coming. So when I told her that my mom wouldn't be joining us, we went to go into the theatre, but before we went in, Mina told me she didn't want to see the movie. We walked back to the car. She was sad that my mom wasn't coming. We talked about options, maybe my mom just meeting us there and I would go home. But Mina wanted me to be there too. So, way to go mom. You broke Mina's heart, and for what? For your man-made religion. Jesus would just love it. I'm not even df'd. Where's their "wait on Jehovah" attitude? Remember that one? It went like this: I know the society is wrong in a teaching and I tell my parents. I say that I can't stand this teaching and that I don't think I can stay in the religion. They say to me"Wait on Jehovah, he will reveal it to the "faithful and discreet slave" (a small group of men in Bethel, not including the rest of the anointed). Don't leave, wait on Jehovah". So I do. And now, now I am still officially a witness. They have not df'd me, I have not da'd myself. The supposed "faithful slave" has not chosen to excommunicate me, so why are they jumping ahead? If the "anointed" and the elders don't think I need to be df'd, why are they in such a hurry to shun me, the child they conceived and raised? If they really believe this is the one true religion and it's guided bu God, then they should continue to talk normal to me until the elders decide to kick me out. Way to follow your own advice on waiting on Jehovah.

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